About riviera

Welcome to our Riviera, in the southernmost part of Split-Dalmatia County. Gradac Municipality Tourist Board includes four picturesque tourist destinations scattered along fifteen kilometers of indented coastline: Zaostrog, Podaca, Brist, and Gradac – main tourist and administrative hub of the municipality.

The unique blend of mountain reliefs and turquoise blue sea which embraces a dozen miles of pebble beaches embellishes a preserved green belt of indigenous evergreen vegetation. On our Riviera, the built-up areas are just the oases scattered in greenery whose scent fills the nostrils of each traveler. There are several mountain subterranean torrents that have some healing water characteristics in the offshore. The healing characteristics of water, sea and autochthonous vegetation also marked a number of toponyms, the most famous of which is Zaostroška fertility bay where fascinating healing of gynecological disorders occurred.

A rich monumental heritage preserved in the tourist resorts on the coast is also present in the mountain villages of the autochthonous Dalmatian architecture, today reachable via the marked walking and cycling trails. The network of these tourist trails completes the renovated old olive groves, vineyards and centuries-old pine forests. The special pearl of our Riviera is a five-century-old Franciscan monastery of St. Mary in Zaostrog. Valuable preserved collections with a series of unique historical artifacts capture the attention of every traveler, and even the hours in this monastery run as minutes. The famous monastery garden is just one of the special places for meditation and relaxation, even during the main tourist season, when over the last few years there is a search for more beds than our Riviera has. But what even the tour operators are not well aware of is the sea temperature along our Riviera that is perfect for bathing for almost 6 months. Did you know that the number of sunny days in a year is the same here as it is in Hvar?

Accommodation can be found in hotels, camps, and private apartments with friendly hosts. We all live with our guests. We also organize different events from June to September. Is it known to you that the first choice for a miss on the territory of the Republic of Croatia was held on our Riviera in 1925?

With the desire to make your vacation even more interesting, we give you the reasons for visiting us also in the pre-season and post-season. Our tourist sector offers many different excursions and incentive tours from the Neretva river, Dubrovnik, Trogir, Split to the healing mud on Pelješac peninsula, and to selected wine cellars on Peljesac and Hvar, as well as Medjugorje that is only about sixty kilometers away. Walking via mountain trails, towards many caves where according to the legends fairies once lived, are an unforgettable experience. And all the way up to the elevation where former warriors of ancient Pagania meditated, watching the unforgettable sunset. Word is,  that on this Riviera is the most beautiful sunset on the Adriatic. The gastronomic offer of this area stems from some past epochs, and ecologically produced foods give our dishes a unique aroma of lost time.

We want you to spend an unforgettable and content filled vacation on our Riviera and recognize it as yours, the same way that we, your hosts, recognize you as ours.

We are waiting for you.

Director of Gradac tourist board, Davor Andrijaševć


the mayor of Gradac Municipality, Matko Burić.