Podaca - a place of love and the well-preserved Dalmatian architecture of its old village with a fortified tower...

Settlement Podaca is made out of three villages: Kapeć, Viskovića vala and Ravanje. About the first settlements in this area of Gradac Riviera, bears witness a mallet for wheat thrashing from the early Stone Age. Today this mallet is on display in the Franciscan monastery in Zaostrog. 


In Podaca’s surrounding area one can find plenty of archeological traces from the Roman era. Like the broken urn with a silver coin of the Roman Emperor Sever (193.-211.), or a piece of city walls next to which a stone capital from medieval ages was found, that bears close resemblance to the capitals of early Croatian churches. 


Podaca is also home of an old Croatian church of St. John, with the tombs of Kačić family members.