By car

Via Highway A1 you arrive from the direction of Zagreb or Rijeka, to the Vrgorac exit. From Vrgorac exit you drive to the right, and Gradac is 42 kilometers away.

By bus

If you are going to the bus from Zagreb or Rijeka to Gradac it is good to know that most of the time you are driving by the A1 motorway. The bus comes directly to our place, and Vollo offers a simple and secure online service to view available lines and buy bus tickets.

Finding, comparing and booking online charts
- Vollo.

By train

From Zagreb or Rijeka you arrive by train to Split. Then by bus or a taxi cab you can come to

Gradac, which is 98 kilometers away.

By plane

By airplane you will arrive at Split - Kaštela airport. From the airport to Split you can get by

bus or a taxi cab, or you can rent a car. Drive to Split is 30 minutes long. And Gradac is 98

kilometers away from Split.