...the cultural center and birthplace of the poet Friar Andrija Kačić Miošić and the painter Mladen Veža...   History of the first civilizations in Brist area can be seen on graves that date back to Bronze and Iron Age. Name of the town comes from the elm tree ... more where dreams become reality!

Wind direction E
Wind speed 9.4 kph
Humidity 38.0 %
Air pressure 1014 hPa

Welcome to our Riviera, in the southernmost part of Split-Dalmatia County. Gradac Municipality Tourist Board includes four picturesque tourist destinations scattered along fifteen kilometers of indented coast line: Zaostrog, Podaca, Brist and Gradac – main tourist and administrative hub of the municipality.

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If you are asking for a special detail connected to the experience of Gradac Riviera, it’s hard to decide between geographical relief specificities that made possible for the sun to hide behind a hill after its first sunrise, so it could rise for the second time on the same morning, or even seven springs of high quality drinking water that mixes with underground streams in the sea into a medicinal mixture which used to bring legendar queen Teuta to take her baths here.
Or is the most impressive detail a ten kilometer long stretch of pebble beaches that hug the big blueness along 16 kilometers of shoreline, or some of 36 so similar, yet s specific pebble beaches of Gradac Riviera?
Direct personal experience of nature, mild climate, and clear sea of exceptional transparency will attract some tourists, while others will come because of the preserve tradition and indigenous customs of this coastal region. Cove of fertility in Zaostrog, has on the other hand, a legend of its own...